Castella goose down pillow

This Castella down pillow is filled with high-quality goose down and is a wonderfully soft, warm and shapeable pillow.


100% cotton


60×70 cm


100% goose down


Goose down is a wonderfully soft, warm and moldable filling.
Goose down feathers are very fluffy, making the pillow light and comfortable.

Down filling
100% goose down, extra soft, 500 gram fill weight.

The down has a Downafresh hygiene label and guarantees that the down has been carefully cleaned and dried.

Very densely woven cover made of 100% cotton.
Provided with Nomite quality mark: prevents the penetration of dust mites, suitable for people with dust mite allergies.

Other size
Also available in size 60×60 cm on request

Delivery time
Expected shipping: 2-3 weeks