Duvet Doré Platinum Winter goose down duvet

Duvet Doré Platinum belongs to the top of the duvet segment due to the combination of the finest 100% white Siberian goose down and the very light and smooth Maco-percale cover.


100% cotton, satin-woven


100% goose down


140×200 cm
140×220 cm
200×200 cm
240×200 cm
240×220 cm
260×220 cm

 263.64 577.69

Goose down is very fluffy and therefore the ideal duvet filling. Nothing holds wamth better than fluffy feathers, and it is also light and comfortable.

This down duvet from Duvet Doré is very smooth and comfortable and of exclusive quality.

Warmth level
2 (winter) – most popular in western european climate

Down filling
Composition: 100% white Siberian goose down

With Downafresh hygiene label, which ensures that the down is carefully cleaned and dried.

Weight of filling per size
140×200 cm: 575 grams
140×220 cm: 630 grams
200×200 cm: 850 grams
240×200 cm: 1050 grams
240×220 cm: 1160 grams
260×220 cm: 1260 grams

Very densely woven downproof cover of 100% percale cotton, satin-woven.
Provided with Nomite label: counteracts the intrusion of dust mite, suitable for people with dust mite allergy.

Cassette with boxed sections

Estimated dispatch
2-3 weeks