Duvet Doré goose down pillow

This Duvet Doré goose down pillow is comfortably soft and warm, and available in two levels of softness to suit your preference.


100% cotton with interwoven stripe


Extra soft 100% down
Soft 60% down


60×70 cm

 98.35 114.88

High quality down pillow from Duvet Doré
Environmentally-friendly prodcuced in the Netherlands

Down filling
White Polish goose down in two levels of softness:

Soft: 60% down, 40% feathers, 700 grams fill weight
Extra soft: 100% down, 500 grams fill weight

The larger the percentage of down, the lighter the pillow is.

Goose down is a comfortably soft, warm and flexible filling.
Goose down feathers are very fluffy, making the pillow light and comfortable.

With Downafresh hygiene label, which ensures that the down is carefully cleaned and dried.

Very densely woven downproof cover of 100% cotton, with interwoven stripe pattern.
Provided with Nomite label: counteracts the intrusion of dust mite, suitable for people with dust mite allergy.

Other size
On request also available in size 60×60 cm

Estimated dispatch
2-3 weeks

  • Shake up loosely daily
  • Open the bedroom window for an hour a day to ventilate
  • Can be cleaned, take notice of the washing instructions in the label

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