Kvadrat Ready Made Curtain pegs – 20 pcs

The Kvadrat Ready Made Curtain pegs simply clip onto the fabric, holding it securely in place, and hook onto the hanging cord.


100% polypropylene


Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec




Ready Made Curtain by Kvadrat offers a flexible and easy-to-install curtain system with a personal touch.
The concept allows to choose the textile, hanging mechanism and pegs separately, providing a multitude of possible configurations.

Whether a combination in subtle tones and natural finishes or something more bold and colourful is desired, Ready Made Curtain can be freely combined to suit ones individual taste.

Create your individual design curtain in 3 simple steps
1. Select a fabric: there are four different types in 16 different colours
2. Choose a colour for the hanging mechanism: Red, Natural oak, Blue, Grey
3. Choose a colour for the pegs: Red, White, Black, Grey

This set includes
20 pegs in a selected colour

How many pegs will you need?
Use a distance of 15 cm between the pegs:
Curtain width 140 cm: 10 pegs
Curtain width 200 cm: 14 pegs
Curtain width 290 cm: 20 pegs

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 2-3 weeks