Lladró candle Parrots Scented Treasure Red

This red porcelain scented candle stands out for its fun, surprising design, with a meticulously decorated cute parrot that rests on it.


The Parrot Party




27×25 cm




Original design with a surprising contrast between the modern, functional holder and the realisticly modelled parrot.
Includes a wooden lid.

Scent: On the prairie
A fresh essence of bergamot, basil, thyme and vetiver. An olfactory journey through a forest full of flowers and aromatic herbs.

Contains 1500 grams of natural wax and lasts 340 hours.
Includes up to 15% perfume and the wicks do not produce smoke.

After the wax is consumed, it can be used as a vase for a large bouquet of flowers, with the artistic touch of the handmade porcelain.

Height: 27 cm
Width: 25 cm
Diameter: 14 cm

Finish: gloss

Lladró objects are wanted collectors items all around the world

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 2-3 weeks

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