Lladró scented candle Better Together Lee and Lane – set of 2

Lee and Lane are a set of candles with two different scents that, when lit together, create a new perfume, representing love as a couple.


Lee and Lane




10×20 cm



Original price was: € 157.02.Current price is: € 103.31.

The candles in the set have two different fragrances. The combination creates the perfect couple, providing a third perfume.
The faces are in matte porcelain with a few precise touches of colour to bring the characters to life.

Three scents
Lee: A subtle, elegant, and natural scent with floral notes and a sweet hint of vanilla. 200 grams of natural wax that lasts 45 hours.
Lane: A sophisticated, minimalist, woody fragrance with fresh notes of the sea. 300 grams of natural wax that lasts 70 hours.
Better Together: Delightful alone, but if these candles are lit together they create a new perfume with marine, woody, floral, and vanilla notes.

Includes up to 10% perfume and the wicks do not produce smoke.

Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 10 cm

Finish: matte outside, glossy inside

Lladró objects are wanted collectors items all around the world

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 2-3 weeks

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