Marimekko umbrella Pieni Unikko black

This Marimekko automatic open and close umbrella features the classic Pieni Unikko pattern with black poppies.


100% polyester




28 cm folded




Maija and Kristina Isola


Out of stock

The famous Pieni Unikko design dates back to 1964 and is considered to be a real classic.

Welcome droplets. When the rain starts, press a button and the Pieni Unikko umbrella pops into shape featuring a wild print of zany blooms.
It weighs 356 g and collapses to 28 cm, compact enough to fit in a handbag.
Its matching case has a zip closure for easy access.

The premium mechanism makes it easy to open and close.
The frame is wind proof and opens and closes by pressing a button on the rubberized plastic handle.

To enjoy your umbrella for a long period, we provide these usage tips:

  • Before you open an umbrella you first shake the ribs and fabric loose – which are rotated around the stick – so that the umbrella opens easily.
  • If you close a folding umbrella, push on the top of the stick and the handle and not on the ribs because of possible damage.
  • An umbrella that opens and closes automatically may only be opened and closed with the button. Closing the screen manually could damage the mechanism and the umbrella can no longer be used.
  • Dry the umbrella opened, but not near a heat source.

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