Memento Synth 6 unbreakable glasses orange-red

These high-quality plastic drinking glasses in 6 shades of red, orange and pink are unbreakable, reusable and dishwasher safe.


MS methacrylate


33 cl




These plastic glasses are transparent and as clear as real glass, they are only much lighter in weight and unbreakable. That’s why these water glasses are ideal for outdoor use, for example on the terrace in the garden, at the campsite or at a picnic.

The small air bubbles give the glasses extra allure and the different orange, red and pink tones of these 6 glasses together form a subtle colour palette.

Due to the different shades, everyone has their own colour, useful for recognizing everyone’s glass. The set is also available in a green-blue colour palette, so together there are 12 different colours.

Height 10 cm, diameter 7.8 cm
Capacity: 33 ml
Material: MS methacrylate, high durability, BPA-fee
Colours in this set: Mandarin, Red, Violet, Corn, Peach, Pink

These glasses are easy to use, they are light and stackable.
Do not use in the microwave or oven.

Hand wash or dishwasher at low temperature.

Delivery time
Estimated despatch: 1-2 days
If sold out: 2-3 weeks