Missoni Home armchair Gravita

This Missoni Home Gravita armchair is available in many Missoni fabrics, so that you can order the seat you want.


Passiflora Giant 159
Passiflora Giant 170
Stoccarda 160
Stoccarda 160R


L150 x D94 x H70 cm


Bendik Torvin

 4,000.00 4,165.29

Structure: laminated wood covered with crush-proof polyurethane foam and polyester fiber
Dimensions: L150 x D94 x H70 cm
Upholstery: removeable
Seat: multi-density polyurethane foam

The upholstery is available in many Missoni Home fabrics, of which here is a small selection:
Passiflora Giant 159, 170
Stoccarda 601, 601R

For other uphostery: please ask us for more information.
Tip: Take a look at the Missoni cushions for an overview of the fabrics.

Estimated dispatch: 12 weeks

Overview all sizes:
Mini armchair: L109 x D76 x H56 cm
Armchair: L150 x D94 x H70 cm
2-seat sofa L207 x D94 x H70 cm
3-seat sofa L272 x D94 x H70 cm
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