Vitra Ball Clock multicolour

This high-quality design wall clock with multi coloured balls is part of the Wall Clocks collection from Vitra, designed by George Nelson.




33 cm


George Nelson


With his collection of Wall Clocks (1948-1960), George Nelson developed an extensive range of clocks, many of which have become icons of 1950s design.

The Vitra Wall Clocks are available in various shapes and materials. They are a refreshing alternative to conventional clocks and a wide range of different designs ensures that there is a suitable clock for every interior.

The clocks have one characteristic in common: the absence of numbers. Nelson analyzed how people used clocks and came to the conclusion that they deduce time from the position of the hands, which makes numbers superfluous. Also because most people already wore a wristwatch at the time, Nelson assumed that clocks had become more of a decorative element.

The materials used for the Vitra wall clocks are different types of wood and metal.
The interior is a high-quality quartz movement, including a 1.5 volt battery.

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