Vitra Big Easy chair miniature

This Vitra scale model is a true replica of the iconic Big Easy designer chair, designed in 1988 by Ron Arad. The miniature is part of the Vitra Miniatures Collection and is a popular collectors item.


According to the large original




H170 x W215 x D130 mm


Miniatures Collection


Ron Arad


Scale model 1:6
The chairs in the Miniatures Collection from the Vitra Design Museum are models, reduced on a scale of 1:6, which replicate the most important classics of modern furniture design down to the smallest detail.

Each Vitra miniature is true to the larger original in construction, materials and colours.
Packaged in a wooden box, accompanied by an informational booklet.

Each of the objects is made by hand, requiring an average of five hours of careful manual work.

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 3-4 weeks

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