Vitra Girard Bird wooden figurine

The Girard Bird by Vitra is an abstract bird statuette from 1945 by the designer Alexander Girard that is made of solid maple wood.


Solid maple wood


W23.5 x D7.5 x H15 cm


Dark honey


Alexander Girard


This decorative wooden bird can stand both on the legs and on the tail.

In the mid-1940s, the designer Alexander Girard experimented with a series of abstract sculptures made of glass, foam rubber, corrugated cardboard, driftwood, plywood and solid wood – including a bird figure hand-carved from apple wood.

Today, the original wooden bird is kept by the Vitra Design Museum as part of the Girard archive. In close collaboration with the Girard family, Vitra has brought this figure back to life. Although the bird features are kept to a minimum, the silhouette of the Girard Bird is still clearly recognizable.

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