Vluv Vlip seating ball Navy

This ergonomic Vluv Vlip exercise ball of navy blue corduroy combines active and dynamic sitting with the appearance of a full-fledged design seating.


100% polyester


60-65 cm




Inflatable PVC ball


Kristof Hock


It is not surprising that more and more people replace their office chair for a stability ball. The active sitting on a ball makes you exercise your balance, posture and strength unconsciously.

And this sitting ball from Vluv looks nice too, so it’s a full-fledged design piece of furniture in your home or office.
Choose from a variety of high-quality materials and colours.
The integrated ring on the bottom keeps the ball in place, so you don’t need a separate floor piece.
With comfortable handle.

What size fits your height
155-175 cm: sitting ball 65 cm
175-195 cm: sitting ball 75 cm (not available with Vlip cover)

For an office desk of height 68-72 cm, we advise the Vluv stability ball of 65 cm.

Suitable for up to 120 kg body weight.

Including instruction manual, valve and adapter for bicycle pump.
The ball is delivered empty and can easily be inflated with the supplied hand pump or another pump, such as a bicycle pump.

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 1 week

  • Machine wash at low temperature
  • Always check the instructions on the label when available

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