Lladró aroma diffuser Boletus Gold 2

Boletus 2 is a porcelain diffuser inspired by wild mushrooms from our forests, that will perfume your home with a delicate aroma.


Botanica Fragrances


White, gold


H14 x W12 x L11 cm




Liquid diffuser with an absorbent ceramic base in which to pour the essential oil.
Handmade entirely from porcelain.

Scent: Night approaches
An exclusive fragance with special ingredients such as cassis, lotus flower and frankincense, representing the magic of the night and the full moon.

Including 200 ml of essential oil, which lasts over 2 months.
Its formulation contains up to 29% perfume.

Height: 14 cm
Width: 12 cm
Length: 11 cm

Finish: gold lustre, gloss and matte white porcelain

Lladró objects are wanted collectors items all around the world

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 2-3 weeks

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