Missoni Home outdoor rug Watamu

Missoni Home outdoor carpet Waipawa features the signature zigzag stripes that will provide a colourful focal point on your patio.


100% polyester


Colour 01
Colour 02


200×300 cm



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This carpet is made of polyester, which makes it suitable for outdoors and for humid rooms.

Available in 2 colour variations:
Colour 01 – Ecru-stripes wide and colour-stripes narrow (right on detail photo)
Colour 02 – Colour-stripes wide and ecru-stripes narrow (left on detail photo)

Delivery time
Estimated dispatch: 6 weeks

Bespoke sizes
Bespoke sizes are available upon request.
Price: € 1370.00 per m2, minimum size 4 m2
Please order via email: info@thecushionshop.com

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