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Vitra Miniatures


The Vitra Miniatures Collection contains miniature replicas of design chairs from the historic collection of the Vitra Design Museum. Each miniature is a 1:6 scale model that faithfully copies the original chair down to the smallest detail. This makes the Vitra miniature design furniture popular collector’s items.

For decades, the Vitra Design Museum has been creating miniature replicas of its collection of milestones in furniture design. The Miniatures Collection captures the entire story of industrial furniture design - from historicism and Art Nouveau to the new objectivity of Bauhaus and Radical Design, and from postmodernism to today.

The miniature chairs are 1:6 scale models that faithfully reproduce the construction, materials and colours of the original models down to the smallest detail. The authenticity of the furniture goes as far as the natural grain of the wood, the reproduction of screws and the meticulous craftsmanship techniques. This makes the miniatures popular collector's items, but they are also ideally suited as didactic material for universities, design academies and architects.

Each miniature is packed in a wooden box, accompanied by an information booklet. The delicate miniatures are made by hand, which requires an average of five hours of careful manual work.